Ryan Murphy



I was born and raised in Atlanta but have called Charlotte home since 2005.  Growing up I was very active and played as many sports as I could from tennis, baseball, swimming, golf and basketball.  After high school I attended and graduated in 2003 from Georgia Tech where I played water polo.

After college I was convinced to take up triathlons by friends in Charlotte – this turned out to be the best decision I ever made as I met my wife Julie, at the Dowd YMCA pool.  Over the course of about 4 years we competed in a variety of triathlons but focused primarily on Ironman races.  I complete Ironman Coeur D’Alene twice (2008, 2010) finishing just over 10 hours in both races.

After we had our first daughter, I found less and less time to get in the long workouts needed to compete in Ironman triathlons – and thankfully I found CrossFit.  I loved that with only a 1 hour lunch break I could get in a high quality workout that left me feeling more energized for the rest of my day.  My first workout was Angie (100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 air squats) –  I completed 8 strict pull-ups and then added several bands and the coach even assisted me by lifting my body to help complete the 100 pull-ups.  It only got tougher from there and I loved it.  I knew then I found the workouts I was looking for.

I have been following Crossfit and continuing to learn more about the methodology surrounding Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at High Intensity for 4 years now.  I am so proud of the community that we have at Crossfit Mecklenburg.  Watching members complete their first workout, helping everyone learn proper technique in a safe environment and witness continued improvements in fitness is what we strive to provide to everyone of all capabilities.  With two kids of my own, watching the children who join us in our kids rooms watch their parents workout and then join us after class on the floor to try fitness themselves brings me great joy.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your fitness journey.


  • CrossFit Level 1


Beat Brendan in as many of his goals as possible (curling, beer pong, corn hole, table tennis, CF WODS)


Any Cheeseburger (I’ve eaten 8, again beating Brendan)


Google Admiral William H. McRaven commencement address University of Texas 2014…the entire speech motivates me every time I hear it.


Murph (with body armor)


Ice Cream???